Yeet: History and How to do it

In November of 2017, an ancient art form called "Yeet" was rediscovered for the first time since February 2014. It was invented by a 13 year old 5 years ago going by the internet alias "Lil Meatball". He posted a vine video claiming he could do it better than Lil Terio, and the video marked with the single hashtag "Yeet" soon went viral. Here is the original video:

Once again, the yeet video quickly gained popularity and was remixed and shared by millions of people. These are some definitions used by the Urban Dictionary to depict yeet.

  1. A term made famous from a dance on vine and can now be used as an exclamation.
  2. Term used to express excitement; especially used in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop.

Yeet, as seen, started off as just an extreme expression used only to depict a great excitement, but as it evolved, it became an extremely casual expression that is used almost as frequently as the word "yeah".

That was a quality example of a "yeet meme". Here is another:

Just two more!

I hope that you now have a greater and wider understanding of the 'yeet' term that has been used to describe almost everything already.